In order to guarantee the installation, traceability and durability of our customers' carpet tiles, we have developed a range of services adapted to each use. We thus offer a complete maintenance offer, a mapping service and an implementation solution with our soiling partners.

Orak maintenance is the key to durability for your carpet tiles. The Orak maintenance service has been in existence since 2008, we have refurbished and maintained more than 10 million m² since our inception. Our programs and solutions are tested and recommended by the main textile floor manufacturers. They will allow you to restore and maintain clean textile floors all year round. You will thus maintain a high level of quality of life in your workspaces.

The better your textile floor is maintained, the higher its resale value will be. (44% of the manufacturer's purchase value after 6 years for undamaged tiles). The percentage of reuse will thus be increased from 20 to 30% (approximately 65% of healthy slabs after 6 years of use).

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You manage tens of thousands of m² of carpet and you want a simple and efficient tool to monitor your inventory in real time. The service " Orak Cartography allows you that. After a precise diagnosis of your fleet, we collect all the technical data available. You will find a dedicated space online, which will allow you to clearly and easily monitor your entire fleet.

You will thus know the date of installation, the potential for reuse of the product, the associated level of maintenance, the foreseeable date of change, the value of each carpet in real time…. You will also be able to update all the developments and we will be able to formulate an offer for you to buy back or store for future reuse at the end of use.

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The implementation of your textile floor is an important step, we have selected recognized flooring partners who will install your textile floor in accordance with the Unified Technical Document (DTU). After a validation visit of the technical elements (accessibility, surface, state of the ground before installation, etc.), the price of the implementation will be confirmed or readjusted. All the textile tiles offered by Orak are installed using a glueless laying system.

This type of installation will facilitate future removal and increase the percentage of reuse, in fact the tiles installed today will generate the reuse of tomorrow.

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