Our approach


We have selected durable and reusable products for you from various manufacturers. All reused products are validated and checked by our Orak experts to offer you a product that looks like new. The slabs are listed, cleaned, sorted and reconditioned. All our carpet tiles are sold with a minimum of 2 years maintenance.


Maintaining your textile floor is the key step in preserving it and avoiding premature replacement. A well-maintained carpet easily reaches the lifespan announced by the manufacturer and can be reused, internally or externally. Our Orak maintenance solution brings you this guarantee.


As soon as your textile floor is installed, Orak experts support you in order to maintain and enhance your carpet. Our goal is to eventually generate 40 to 80% reuse, at the end of the first use. They take care of all the phases for you. You save money on the replacement of tiles and waste management, and make a financial gain when reselling the product.