At Orak, we pay special attention to the treatment of your textile tiles, paying particular attention to each step of the process.

The control, sorting, cleaning and packaging phases are carried out with care, with the aim of maximizing the reuse rate. We attach great importance to the sustainability of our practices to reduce our impact on the environment.

We are also proud to collaborate with logistics professionals who play an active role in the economic, social and professional integration of people.

This social inclusion approach has significant benefits for your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). By promoting the employment and integration of people far from employment, you actively and concretely contribute to integration.

By opting for Optimal-Karpet carpet tiles, you are choosing quality, reducing your carbon footprint and actively participating in social integration.

At Orak, excellence, sustainability and social impact are at the heart of our approach. By working together, we can make a real difference in the territories around us.

The Carbon Gain

At Orak, we are committed to providing you with comprehensive management of your textile floors to significantly reduce your carbon footprint. Our innovative approach aims to support you at each stage of the product's life, favoring the reuse of reused carpet tiles to sustainably limit the impact on the environment.

Our commitment to reuse begins with the diagnosis of your resources: we have the ability to reuse your textile floors for your own use or we can integrate them into other projects. Thanks to this approach, we are able to combine reused slabs with new bio-sourced products, thus creating an ecological and aesthetic mix.

We also take care to facilitate the laying of the tiles to allow easy removal at the end of use. This practice promotes the reuse or full use of the product, thus avoiding the unnecessary replacement of tiles and considerably reducing waste.
Our global chain process offers you multiple benefits: first, by opting to reuse carpet tiles, you reduce the demand for new carpet production, which saves carbon and conserves natural resources. In addition, you have perfect control of your budget by avoiding unnecessary expenses linked to the purchase of new tiles.

Finally, at the end of their use, the products are resold or reused on your premises, thus closing the virtuous cycle. This global process translates into concrete gains in terms of carbon emissions, thus actively contributing to the preservation of our environment.

At Orak, we believe in the power of reuse to create a positive and lasting impact. By working together, we can truly make a difference for a more planet-friendly future.